Foreman Maintenance Leader (This job was closed!)

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

- Scheduling, training, supervise and motivate staff
- Coordinate with vendors if there's any problem
- Ensure efficient repair schedules and review repair cost estimates
- Prioritize the maintenance and repairs of company equipment and parts
- Control and monitor inventory
- Checking and monitoring technic design /drawing

Persyaratan umum

- Male
- Age 25 - 33 years
- Education High school - S1
- Experience in maintenance at least 3 years & can interact with mold makers
- Experienced to work in the Mold Maker Injection company
- MUST be able to design (related to injection molding)
- Experienced as Drafter / Design
- Can master / read drawings & 2D-3D programs
- Must be able to do Autocad
- Understand Milling and Grinding
- Understand with the processes for making spare parts & can interact with suppliers
- Can do repairs / do cleaning mold work / irregular mold / regular
- Can do kaizen / improvement
- Proactive in helping smooth production
- Review any trouble on molds & can make monthly reports
- Mold Maker Injection company

Persyaratan Bahasa

English (Pemula)



5000000 - 6500000

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