Sales Senior Staff (This job was closed!)

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

・offer sales promotion, sales proposals, and negotiations to current JCB credit card issuing banks (BNI, Maybank, CIMB Niaga) and future new issuing banks (BRI, Mandiri, BCA).
・Specifically, they should go to the banks to presents the company actively and gather informations. Based on that obtained information, we implement policy proposals and aim to increase acquisition of cards.
 Example) When acquiring information on renewal plan of existing card from bank
・Exchanging proposals to JCB
・Business condition negotiation
・Contract preparation, internal approval acquisition, contract signing

Persyaratan umum

25~30 y.o (※any gender)

Could communicate to expatriate and write contracts and various business letters in English


■Academic background

Regardless of the industry type, we want someone who has experience in one company for 3 years or more.
Have experience in finance industry will be an advantage.

■Other requirements
・Live in suburbs of Jakarta
・Can travel on business trip both in and outside the country

Persyaratan Bahasa



※Overtime work (Overtime work will be generated in 30 minutes after 17:00.)
・THR 1 month
・Bonus Once a year(Variable from 1 month to 6 months range by performance evaluation)
・When going out, we use company owned company cars (3 units).


7000000 - 9000000

Lokasi Pekerjaan

Jakarta Raya

Jam Kerja


Profil Perusahaan

Bisnis Perusahaan

Payment Industry

Ukuran perusahaan

 HR Consultant


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